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​The Service Corps

​A service and learning opportunity for employees, business leaders, and founders globally to advance smart business solutions that uplift humanity while furthering the bottom line.


We train employees to lead team-based service projects that create & implement smart recommendations that benefit the company and advance people, planet, & profit.

Sample Service Corps Project

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Employee Platform For Sustainability Cost-Savings Projects

Project Description: The Service Corps Team will build a web platform at Company X to allow employees and managers to submit smart cost-saving and revenue-generating company sustainability recommendations for approval.

Sustainable Energy
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Delivery of Boxes

Sample Service Corps Project

* Become a Service Corps Team Member

Cutting Waste From Product Packaging Company-wide Innovation Project

Project Description: The Service Corps Team recommends all company-wide packaging be evaluated for innovative ways to cut waste and costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do our courses work?
    We're here to build a strong, global community for business for good that has the knowledge and the tools to take action, and we start building that community from day 1 when you sign up for a course with us. When sign up for a course with us, you join a community with a purpose, and we will send you the details to: 1) Join a welcome BFG call to meet fellow BFG buddies, collaborate, learn & share 2) Get connected to your very own Business for Good Buddy for your journey, and 3) Join a final wrap-up call to discuss how you can put your knowledge into action. Courses may be taken a la carte or in preparation to serve on the Service Corps for Business for Good or join Business for Good Social Entrepreneurs. If you are an individual, click above to access and pay for courses directly on WorkRamp. For companies and groups, please contact us for pricing. For every course you take, we donate 25% of the purchase price to a charitable organization. If you have purchased a membership, contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the site to get your membership promotion code for discounts on your courses. We will post related events for your knowledge and enjoyment. We allow you & the community the space to create your own events with your community members and post them, so they can be joined.
  • What kinds of things can I learn from your courses?
    We teach smarter decision-making and how create smarter companies using triple-bottom-line (Business for Good) approaches. For example, we cover topics such as sustainability, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, corporate social responsibility, social impact, sustainable development goals, business for good certifications, aligning your activities to your purpose and mission statement, and how to make smart decisions in all areas of your business including shipping, packaging, vendor selection, manufacturing and more that provide a financial and social benefit to the company simultaneously. Our goal is to help you learn approaches that make it easier to do well and do good at the same time by sharing proven approaches to make and save money while advancing the interests of people and planet.
  • What are the benefits of taking courses?
    Spot the best opportunities to save and make money, as well as solve company problems that are also best for people, planet, and profit, Use business for good principles to expand into new markets, reach and delight new and current customers, and create more innovative products and services, Teach employees and business leaders smarter decision-making that benefit the bottom-line and makes daily work more meaningful and productive, Know how to make smarter purchasing decisions, Assist founders in how to create companies that both solve social issues and adhere to triple bottom line principles, and Be preapred to use what you’ve learned to lead a Service Project with the Service Corps for Business for Good or create a company for good with Business for Good Social Entrepreneurs.
  • Can I gain certifications for taking courses?
    Certifications: All courses have knowledge tests. If passed, you will gain a certification upon completion. Certifications can be found in WorkRamp and may be added directly to your LinkedIn account for your professional development.
  • Do you offer company and group packages?
    We provide packages and discounts for companies and groups who would like to train groups of employees and managers. To find out about our company package pricing, contact us using the bottom above.
  • Can companies and groups gain training awards?
    Training Award: Companies or groups who train at least 75% of their employees in a minimum of 3 courses are eligible to receive a Training Award from Business for Good to recognize that their employees have been trained in Business for Good principles. Companies may also earn accolades for participating in the Service Corps for Business for Good. See the question on Service Corps accolades.
  • What are the requirements to join the Service Corps?
    To be eligible for the Service Corps for Business for Good Service Projects, you must first take and be certified in the following courses: 1) Business for Good for Startups 2) Business for Good for Mid-Sized Companies 3) Foundations of Corporate Social Responsibility 4) Environmental Sustainability for Employees & Managers 5) Foundations of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and 6) Service Corps for Business for Good Solutions Training Please check out the Service Corps for Business for Good page to read about how to join the Service Corps after taking these courses.
  • Do you offer financial assistance?
    If you have a financial need, you may fill out our financial need-based course request form to receive a scholarship for reduced or free courses here. Money should never be a barrier for anyone who wants to take our courses but cannot afford them.
  • What credentials can companies and groups gain for the Service Corps?
    Service Corps Projects: Companies and groups who host a Service Corps Service Project may receive a company accolade if the company decides to implement the team’s recommendations. Credentials are awarded based on the level of recommendation implemented: Gold, Silver, Bronze. Check out the Service Corps page.
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