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Business For Good

We are creating a future of smarter, more meaningful work that makes our lives and the world better while furthering the bottom line.


What do we do?

Business for Good exists to create a future where businesses work smarter for good:

Train employees and business leaders in smarter decision-making

Teach entrepreneurs how to create businesses that make a difference

Improve the lives of people, the planet, and the bottom line

Make work meaningful by solving important problems in our daily work

Provide the tools for employees and business leaders to learn how to implement triple bottom line principles in their businesses and create businesses for good

Harness the incredible power and brilliance of a global community of employees, business leaders, and founders to use their knowledge in action through projects

Smart business for your company

Business for Good courses and programs save and make companies money by driving:


Market efficiency

Workforce efficiency (ex. employee recruitment, retention, fulfillment, employee morale, professional development and training, productivity increase, recruiting pipeline, lower turnover costs, etc.)

Reduced regulatory risk

New lines of business

New customers & more loyal customers

New markets

New products

New customers & more loyal customers

Companies can charge a higher premium, up to 20%, based on CSR performance

We unlock the potential of the business sector to do well and do good by training business leaders and employees in how to make smarter decisions & design smarter companies, products, services, and projects that further their bottom line and serve society at the same time.

How do we do it?

Courses & Programming

E-learning and programming in business for good topics, including triple-bottom line approaches and building a social business from scratch.

Action Projects

Put your learning into action. Service Corps for Business for Good provides a service learning opportunity for employees to use their new knowledge & talents to directly benefit their company & society. Social Entrepreneurs can use our programming to create their own businesses for good.


We build the community to collaborate and work together for humanity & their companies through business for good.

How do employees & companies benefit?


Practical training in integrating triple-bottom line principles for smarter business decision-making and creating mission-driven companies from scratch.

Through our Service Corps and Social Entrepreneurship Programs,

you get to put your knowledge into action to make a difference for your company and society.

Step 1

Read about the Service Corps For Business for Good on our website.


Step 2

Apply and take courses to learn the skills you need to start your service project.

Step 3

Propose a project or join a team and get the necessary approvals.

Step 4

Make your company and the world better by implementing your recommendations & join a life-long community for good.

Step 1

Read about the Business for Good Social Entrepreneurs on our site.

Step 2

Sign up for the program.

Step 3

Take the required courses to learn the skills you need to start your project.


Step 4

Begin making your company plan, and join a lifelong community for business for good.

City Business Meeting

Why do we do this?

We believe businesses can be tools for good. We want our work to have meaning and purpose. We want to make a meaningful difference in our daily work that makes us happier, more productive, and makes the world better while remaining fiscally responsible.

We believe we can create a future of business that values people, planet, and the bottom line by teaching the steps to achieve it and empowering a global community of Business for Good to implement it themselves.

We believe we can create a better future by uplifting humanity through service and purpose; we are creating the future that we all deserve.

Young Business Colleagues

What are our company principles?

Doing good is valuable.

We believe in creating meaningful work that is fiscally smart and makes a difference.

We exist to help solve important problems for society and the company.

How you do the work matters:

  - Work together.

  - Do the right thing.

  - Treat people well.

Success is being a good human being.

Power of Purpose Atlantic.jpg

How did we come to be?

Atlantic Magazine

Power of Purpose

Allison Alt, CEO & Founder of Business for Good, began to receive calls from young business leaders at top companies. The calls were all the same, “I’m working at x company, and I miss the meaning and purpose in my work. I miss doing things that matter. I’m tired of driving my car to work to pay for my car everyday. I go to work everyday, and I feel exhausted. I feel like society is crumbling around me, and I’m doing nothing to stop it.”

In an effort to solve this problem, Allison began working with employees at Deloitte, business leaders, and next generation business leaders on an idea for a Service Corps in the business sector and the creation of a global community for Business for Good, where founders, employees, and business leaders were given the power to create a smarter future of business themselves and take real action to make work meaningful, improve society, and uplift humanity.

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Take courses. Join programs.

Start your journey for Business For Good today.

Take action for good with our global community.

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