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Packaging Tips For Beginners

Updated: Apr 5

Overpackaging is one of the most common design mistakes. It's a waste of money and wasteful for the planet.

For those working on creating packaging that is best for people, planet, and profit...

Make sure to consider all of the following factors:

1. Protect the item

2. It performs technically during use

3. It markets the product to customers

4. It has a good appearance

5. It displays important regulatory information and price

6. It was sourced responsibly

7. The materials are safe and healthy for use

8. The packaging is optimized; least waste

9. End of life of the packaging is environmentally friendly

Best opportunities for cost-savings, revenue generation, and innovation are:

1. The size of the packaging

2. The material it is made of

3. End of life (ex. would it be recyclable, reusable, biodegradable)

4. Addressing common design mistakes, such as overpackaging and not using materials that can be easily recycled or reused

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