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How can I take your courses?

  • If you are an individual, visit the Courses page, and select the button for individual courses. You will be taken to our courses platform; there you will create, and sign up for an account. 

  • If you are a company, visit the Courses page, and fill out the form for Companies, and we will contact you.

  • By becoming a member on the Community page, you will get discounted access to these courses as part of your package. If you want to take them individually, you will pay individually. 

  • Watch the Courses video for instructions on how to use and take courses.

What kind of courses do you offer?

  • We offer a variety of courses for employees, entrepreneurs, business leaders, conscious consumers, and students. 

  • Our goal is to assist you in learning triple-bottom-line strategies.

  • Our courses help you to make smart decisions that further people, planet, and profit in your job whether that be by understanding how to select smarter packaging, make smarter products, make smarter vendor decisions, smarter ethics and compliance decisions, or even how to buy smarter products on your own time that save you money while doing good for people and the planet.

What courses should i take?

  • You may take courses individually that are interesting to you or assist you with your career.

  • We highly suggest you look up the paths on the courses platform that are available to you based on your goals or career. These paths will suggest a “path” of courses to take for someone like you. 

What can I do once I take courses with Business for Good, LLC?

  • For each course you take, at the end, you will take a quiz, and if you pass, you will gain a certificate. There is an opportunity to put the certificate directly on your LinkedIn profile or print it.

  • Once you take courses in your path and successfully gain a certificate, you may participate in our programs, such as the Service Corps, Social Entrepreneur, or Compliance & Ethics All-Star programs.

  • Once you finish our programs, you get access to our Community for life and get to take advantage of the networking, professional development, knowledge, and resources.

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